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The simple charcoal grill, without moving parts, without screws, without frills. | As balcony grill, for park, picnic and boat bridge. | From sailors for sailors! Also for balcony owners, parkbrutzler and mainland griller! | In practical wooden packaging, usable as a cutting board! No one way, no throw away! Made of solid 2.5 mm stainless steel plates - the grill holds! Simply grill well with a simple good grill!

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Philipp Sack* was looking for the small grill which is transportable, which is easily transportable, the solid stainless steel one which doesn’t bite the dust after a summer!

We wanted the grill – the perfect companion in the park for a picnic! On the jetty after sailing. In the outdoors or just for your small garden. A lifestyle product? Also – but by choice of materials, production and longevity a sustainable product! (more…)


Grillen am Waldrand (Bitte Waldbrandschutzbestimmungen beachten)

Ein Grill der einfach zum zusammen stecken ist. Der Park und Wiese nicht mit abstrahlender Hitze schadet. Der einfach zu reinigen ist. Der auch verschmutzt zu transportieren ist.  Ein Grill der hält, über viele Jahre. Wir haben ihn erfunden!





Bystronic, Bystronic Laserschneiden, Filter, CC BY-SA 3.0
Bystronic, Bystronic Laserschneiden, Filter, CC BY-SA 3.0

Production is 100% in Germany. The 2.5 millimeter thick stainless steel plates are cut by a Berlin specialist company with precision lasers. The Holzwerkstatt cut-out as well as the packaging and packaging take over the Berlin workshops for people with disabilities (BWB) and the transport belt is a special manufacture of a Saxon handicraft company.

ZACK – der Grill  is available for  159,59 Euro in the online Shop!

Assembly is so simple!

the Grill

In numbers

600 cm²
Barbecue area
5.8 KG

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